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84-Year-Old Granny Models Her Sexiest Swimsuit For Carl's Jr. Car Wash Audition [Video]


This 84-year-old grandmother absolutely loves Carl’s Jr., so who better to star in one of their infamous swimsuit commercials than her? Watch this grandma strut her stuff in this sexy audition video now!


We all have lifelong dreams that we hope to someday fulfill. For 84-year-old grandmother Mary Bartnicki, that dream is to star in a Carl’s Jr. commercial, à la Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, and Kate Upton.

You might recognize Mary as one of the three stars of the YouTube comedy act, “3GoldenSisters,” where she and her two sisters talk about current events, like Coachella and Kim Kardashian’s sex tape.

But, beyond Mary’s YouTube stardom, one of her great loves has always been Carl’s Jr. She absolutely loves their burgers and eats there all the time.

So, who better to star in one of their sexy swimsuit commercials than this hot granny/burger lover?

In the hilarious video below, we get to watch as Mary straps on her most revealing swimsuit and slowly washes her car—just like in all the other famous Carl’s Jr. commercials—while she snacks on her favorite burger.

After her spot-on performance went viral, Mary even got the owner’s attention, which pretty much just gave her a life worth living for.

Seriously, Carl’s Jr., make this happen, please!

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Video Credit: Inside Edition via YouTube.com

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Photo Copyright © 2015 Inside Edition/YouTube

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