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After 12 Years Of Marriage, Wife Finds 'Bite Marks' All Over Her Husband's Body. Now Here's What She Has To Say To His Mistress!


After discovering that her husband of 12 years was cheating on her with another woman, Melanie penned a scathing public message about the "prize" his mistress had won. Read on for the full story!


Finding out that another woman has come between you and your husband is by far the worst way to end a marriage.

But being cheated on after 12 years and two children with that man is on a completely different level of pain.

Unfortunately, it’s one that Melanie was forced to suffer through when she found bite marks all over her husband’s body.

In that instant, when her husband stepped out of the shower, Melanie knew without a doubt that her marriage had been blown to pieces by another woman.

While blaming the other woman for a man’s cheating and lying is never the way to go, Melanie wanted to let her husband’s mistress know exactly what she was in for.

In a very, very public Facebook post, Melanie gives her husband’s mistress, Jennifer, seven must-know rules before handing him over “for keeps.”

The message may be a little lengthy, but it’s so worth the read!

If Jennifer has any sense at all, she’ll be running for the hills, far away from her “prize,” once she reads all these rules!

Take a look at Melanie’s 7 brutal rules, and feel free to give her a big round of applause when you’re done reading:


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