Amy Duggar Tells Her Husband She Doesn't Want Kids With Him After Witnessing Him Throwing Their Baby Kitten


We’ve never heard these words come out of a Duggar’s mouth before! Click here to find out why Amy Duggar told her husband she didn’t want to have kids with him!


We didn’t even know it was possible for a Duggar to not want kids with her husband! But Amy Duggar said exactly that.

On the premiere of Marriage Boot Camp, a LOT of dirt came out about Dillon King and Amy (Duggar) King’s marriage. At a press conference, reporters bombarded the couple with questions and they just couldn’t take the heat.

“Things sometimes get out of hand,” Dillon admitted. In particular, there was an incident involving a cat.

“All I did was pick the cat up and accidentally drop him,” he said. But Amy reminds him, “But it dropped on its jaw!”

Then a reporter turns the attention to Amy, confronting her about throwing a punch at Dillon. “I don’t remember throwing a punch at you at all!”

Dillon reminds her that it happened after the cat incident, and that’s actually what prompted Amy to say, “If you’re going to treat a poor little innocent kitten like that, I do not want kids with you.”

Of course, all of this happened before or during the filming of Marriage Boot Camp, so their relationship is on much better ground now.

Amy and Dillon clarified the cat situation to PEOPLE. “What happened with our little kitten was an accident. Dillon was in the kitchen cooking and Winston jumped on his back, scratching him up! So Dillon grabbed him and meant to just place him on our table but instead our cat didn’t land on all four paws, so from my angle it looked intentional that he just threw him down. But that wasn’t the case.”

She continued, “We now have a second kitten, and Dillon treats her like a baby! He’s going to be the best dad someday, and the fear that I had about starting a family is gone.”

Although Amy is only a cousin to the famous Duggar family, she’s got tons of drama of her own! Just recently she had to clear up a physical abuse confusion, when fans thought Amy had been strangled by her own husband.

It turned out that Dillon wasn’t the culprit, but that’s little consolation, as the true abuser is still someone in Amy’s family!

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