Ben Seewald Has Landed His Dream Job Just In Time For Baby Number 2's Arrival


Ben Seewald has been working for the Duggar family’s car business long enough! He’s finally starting to branch out and pursue his dream job!


Fans have long been critical of Ben Seewald’s career. In an unusual move for the strict Christian family, the Duggars allowed Ben Seewald to move in with them before he was even married to Jessa!

He did odd jobs for Jim Bob, helping out at the family car business among other things. But working for your father-in-law isn’t exactly the best form of job security, and fans have just been waiting for Ben to get out from under Jim Bob’s thumb.

Ben has always been interested in becoming a preacher, and this of course pleased the Duggar family greatly. But he was never quite able to make it—until now.

Ben’s actually got an opportunity to speak to a good number of people about his Christian values! Perhaps Jinger’s preacher man husband connected Ben with some good contacts!

The Evangelism Reformation Conference in Hurst Texas features a whopping 8 speakers over the two-day conference. And one of those speakers is Ben Seewald himself!

This will be a great opportunity for Ben to test out his preaching skills and see if he has what it takes to preach for a living.

If he does a good job, he’ll surely get more conferences and churches requesting him as a speaker, and then he can finally get started on the career he’s always wanted.

But he’ll still have a ways to go if he wants to distance himself from Jim Bob and Michelle and establish his own family.

Ben and Jessa currently live in a Duggar-owned house, one that was originally meant for Josh Duggar. Perhaps with his preacher’s wage, he can move his soon-to-be family of four into their own home!

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