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Chelsea Houska Receives Special Gift From Future Mother-In-Law At Her Bridal Shower


Chelsea Houska is gearing up for her October wedding! She celebrated with a bridal shower on Sunday, and was given a beautiful handmade gift from her future mother in law! See the gift here!


With just a few more months before Chelsea walks down the aisle with Cole DeBoer, it’s about time she celebrated with a bridal shower! On Sunday she celebrated her upcoming nuptials with friends and family. It looked like a traditional shower, with just girls—sorry Cole! It was the perfect day for a party, especially since Aubree returned to school this week.

Aubree rocked some super cute mouse ears to match her pink dress at the shower, and she watched as Chelsea unwrapped a special gift from her future mother in law. Chelsea gave us a peek at the gift on Instagram, with the very grateful caption, “Such a wonderful day. I feel extremely lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people!”

It’s a wooden sign that reads ‘Fight for the fairy tale / It does exist.’ It’s such a sweet gift for Chelsea, who has been dating Cole nearly two years. And unlike some of the other Teen Moms, she didn’t have a list of boys in her life—maybe she always knew she would meet her Cole! The handmade gift is a sure sign that Mrs. DeBoer approves of the other future Mrs. DeBoer!

Since Chelsea and Cole don’t want their wedding ceremony filmed, they agreed to at least give professional stills of the event to the MTV producers, and also allow filming of the events leading up to the wedding, so we may see the bridal shower on the new season of Teen Mom 2!

If you look closely by Chelsea’s hand, you can just see the hint of a baby bump that’s mostly obscured by her long hair! The baby is due on Valentine’s Day.

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