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Days After Reuniting At EDC, 'Teen Mom 2' Star Jenelle Evans Allegedly Attacks Ex-Fiancé


Police are searching for "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans after she was accused of drunkenly attacking her ex-fiancé Nathan Griffith Wednesday morning. Read on for the full story!


Just a few days after posting a happy photo on Instagram, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and ex-fiancé Nathan Griffith are back to their old ways once again.

According to TMZ, Griffith called police Wednesday morning after Evans called to let him know that she was outside his home wrecking his car.

From what Griffith told investigators, his ex and mother of their son, 11-month-old Kaiser, reeked of alcohol before she tried to choke him with his own shirt and clawed him with her fingernails.

While Griffith ran inside his apartment, Evans reportedly waited outside and started screaming, "He won't give me back my son!"

The police report noted that Griffith had very clear scratch marks all over his neck, a ripped t-shirt, and fresh bruises covering the side of his face by the time they arrived at the scene.

Although Myrtle Beach police issued a warrant for Evans’ arrest, authorities can’t seem to find her anymore.

The reality TV star did, however, re-tweet statements from the Jenelle Evans PR Twitter account to tell her side of the story to her fans.

“Nathan ran over Jenelle with his truck before the incident in the police report. Jenelle is seeking charges & is ready to get the truth out,” according to the account. “Neighbors called the police after witnessing Nathan run Jenelle over. Her attorney is involved & this will be handled in compliance with LE. For those asking,Jenelle was at Nathan's to pick up her son.Nathan stole her phone & refused to hand over Kaiser.This is how it started.”

The incident comes just a few days after Evans posted a photo on Instagram with her smiling ex at the Electric Daisy Carnival festival in New York City over the weekend, leading fans to hold out hope that the couple had reconciled.

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