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Farrah Abraham's Latest Instagram Post About Her Daughter Is SHOCKING And People Are FURIOUS...


Click here to see Farrah Abraham’s latest controversial photo of her young daughter Sophia...


Just in time for Mother’s Day, Farrah Abraham has posted a new photo of her daughter Sophia that is infuriating moms everywhere.

The Teen Mom OG star has recently shared a photo of her 7-year-old daughter playing on the playground. Innocent, right? Well, since Farrah is…Farrah, she had to make the photo as controversial as possible.

In the snap, young Sophia is playing with a pole—which looks kind of like a stripper pole—on the playground. The text across the image reads "so this is why the playground is popular - oh boy." Farrah even captioned the photo,"Only on #snapchat #parenthood few do it right."

Of course, this incendiary image had most people shaking their heads at the reality star who continues to make questionable parenting choices. The commenters on this post have had a field day, telling Farrah what they think of this disturbing photo and some are even writing whole paragraphs on the MTV star’s social media accounts, letting Abraham know that this is NOT okay.

“At what point did you think (or not) this was appropriate? I am all for encouraging our children to be themselves and I have an honest policy with my son about how the world works but you're giving her such a terrible image of herself. She is going to grow up thinking she needs to exploit herself and be sexual to get attention. Would you want her to go through the struggles you have? I would hope not,” writes one commenter.

Another advises Farrah: “I would spend time with your daughter while you can @farrah__abraham because with the way you parent I don't think you will have your child much longer. Just because you're a whore doesn't mean you have to make your daughter into one. Maybe if you would grow up and actually be a mother instead of dumping your daughter on your parents then your daughter would actually love and respect you. It's going to be sad when your daughter is on tv one day saying "grandma, when is mommy going to come home?" Whats [sic] going to happen when your daughter looks at your horrible choices and thinks "if mommy does it then so can I". You're a horrible mother and you might as well give your daughter to someone who deserves a child instead of ruining your child's life because you're too selfish to actually be a parent.”

Most of the commenters agree that this photo is extremely inappropriate and that Farrah’s parenting skills leave a lot to be desired. To make matters worse, Abraham has spoken in the past about her plans to adopt, which most agree is probably not the BEST idea.

All I can say is poor Sophia!

What do YOU think of Farrah’s decision to post THAT photo online? Let us know!

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