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For Avril Lavigne, Lyme Disease Diagnosis is a Relief



Talented musician Avril Lavigne goes public about her battle with Lyme disease in this emotional interview on Good Morning America. For months she was suffering severe flu-like symptoms. She felt exhausted and couldn’t get out of bed. She saw a number of specialists who suggested that she was over-worked or that she had depression or chronic fatigue syndrome. But she knew that something was wrong, and after several months of suffering she got an inkling of what it might be and finally went to a Lyme specialist and received the correct diagnosis. To Avril Lavigne, Lyme disease then became a treatable sickness and her full recovery is expected.

Lyme disease is caused the bite of a deer tick. The tick can transmit a certain type of harmful bacteria to the person that it is biting. People who live in or travel to the wooded areas where these ticks thrive should always be on the lookout for tick bites. If they receive a bite, they should watch for symptoms of Lyme disease. The symptoms include rash, flu-like symptoms, joint pain and neurological problems such as numbness, weakness or impaired muscle movement.

Avril explains in the video what it meant to her to have the support of her sweet fans while going through the most difficult period of her life. She has a special message for others experiencing the same problem, and can’t wait for the next phase of her life.

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Video Credit: Good Morning America via YouTube.com

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