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He Does THIS And Peels An Orange Without Making ANY Mess! I'm SHOCKED!


Find out how to peel an orange the EASY way!


An orange is the perfect snack to take on-the-go when you’re running out of the house. But don’t you hate it when the peels get all over your car and your hands get sticky? Me too!

That’s why I was so happy to have found this video that shows the easy way to peel an orange for on-the-go purposes. It turns one of my favorite fruits into a great snack to take with me!

In the video, YouTube user "CastorpsWelt" first start out by horizontally cutting the orange peel.

After he has cut the line around the orange, he sticks the end of a spoon into one side and begins twisting the orange around. This helps separate the orange from the peel.

After he has done this to both sides of the orange, he takes the peel off so it looks like two mini bowls. He then takes out the extra orange pieces from inside the peels.

Finally, he puts the orange back in both peels. Now it looks like an orange ready to eat on-the-go!

Check out the video now to see this awesome trick! Be sure to share this with all your friends and family too!

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Video Credit: CastorpsWelt via YouTube.com

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Photo Copyright © 2014 CastorpsWelt/YouTube

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