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He Said WHAT?! Jenelle Evans' Boyfriend David Eason Makes DISTURBING Comments During 'Teen Mom 2' Dads Special


Click here to find out what David Eason said that SHOCKED his host and the other "Teen Mom 2" dads at the "Ask the Dads" special...


He’s not even one of the dads!

MTV aired the “Ask the Dads” special this week, following an episode of Teen Mom 2. Jenelle Evans’ actual baby-daddy Nathan Griffith backed out of the special, so her new boyfriend (and possibly future fiancé) David Eason went in his place.

Things didn’t go so well.

Overall, the special was difficult to watch. The dads were obviously uncomfortable being there and didn’t seem to be the biggest fans of the show—or MTV for that matter.

Then, Eason creeped everyone out when giving some SHOCKING answers to host Chris Distefano’s questions about how he would react in certain situations.

When the host asked David what he would do if his young daughter were to drop his phone into the toilet, David replies that he would simply “pull it out” and dry it off. However, that wasn’t his first response.

A source tells Ashely’s Reality Roundup that Eason initially had a different and extremely disturbing answer to that question.

“Chris asked him what he would do if his daughter dropped his phone in the toilet and David said ‘I would beat her.'” one source tells The Ashley. “Everyone’s mouth just dropped open, like, ‘Did he really just say that?’ He was dead serious, too, and seemed to have no idea why anyone thought that was an inappropriate answer.”

According to the source, no one knew how to respond to that SHOCKING answer.

"The host finally told him that he can’t say that, and that MTV is going to edit that out,” the source said. “They eventually had to reshoot the scene so David could give a more appropriate answer. All the other dads were totally shocked.”

Apparently, even before that unaired response, none of the other dads were big fans of Eason’s. A production source who was on-set while the guys taped the special tells The Ashley that David “gave off a totally weird vibe and made the other guys uncomfortable.”


Not to mention the fact that Eason has a criminal record, which makes his disturbing response even more worrisome.

Nathan Griffith even retweeted The Ashley’s story, captioning it with a question mark. It’s clear that Griffith is also unsure about the guy who is dating his ex and hanging out with his young son.

Eason made other creepy comments that night. When asked what he would choose as his porn star name, David selected “Uncle Dave” and when asked to reveal something that’s on his Bucket List, Dave replied mysteriously “Ice and beer.”

What does THAT mean?!

Jenelle’s boyfriend continues to be a shady character…

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