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Here's How To Cover Up Acne Without Creating A Cakey Mask [Video]


Hiding your acne doesn’t have to mean putting a cakey mask over your face for the rest of the day. Keep reading to learn how to cover up your acne naturally!


Anybody struggling with painful acne knows that the constant discomfort is only half the battle. On top of trying to fix the problem, you also feel pressured to hide it.

There’s only so much we can do about unsightly pimples, especially when you have a mixture of different types—cystic acne, whiteheads, tiny red bumps, etc.

But before you run to the bathroom and cake on 10 pounds of foundation and concealer that just ends up looking like a mask, watch this life-changing makeup tutorial.

This incredible video by YouTube vlogger Jessica Harlow will teach you the fastest, easiest tricks to hide all your acne problems—without piling on the concealer and foundation!

Check out this beauty expert’s amazing tips in the video below now!

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Video Credit: MissJessicaHarlow via YouTube.com

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Photo Copyright © 2015 MissJessicaHarlow/YouTube

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