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How To Make Your Own Bath And Body Works Candles This Fall


Check out these awesome DIY Bath and Body Work Candles. They’re easy to make and they will save you money!


As the temperatures start to cool off people begin to long for the rich smells of fall, from delicious holiday foods to the crisp air and leaves.

Now you can have both of those seasonal smells in your home without needing to bake all afternoon.

This video gives you step-by-step instructions for creating candles.

This tutorial is for pumpkin spice and mahogany teakwood, but any scents can be substituted.

You’ll need just four ingredients for these easy-to-make candles, all of which you can pick up at most craft stores. You’ll need a candle, fragrance oils, wicks and jars. Some E-6000 glue is also handy, as well as crayons if you want to color your candle.

A few broken pieces from the crayon box work fine.

These homemade candles are similar to those found at Bath and Body Works, but they are much cheaper to make. The ingredients should cost you less than $10, while one you purchase at the store may cost more than twice as much.

You don’t have to be particularly crafty to make these candles.

Basically it involves melting wax on a stove, adding scent, and pouring it into your jars. It doesn’t take much time to make the actual product, although you will need time for them to set.

You’ll also learn how to make professional looking labels for the jars so no one will suspect you made them yourself.

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Video Credit: JENerationDIY via YouTube

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