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Jenelle Evans Claims She’s Hurting For Money—As She Builds New House With David Eason!


Jenelle Evans claims she has financial worries too! Despite massive paychecks from being a reality star, and building a NEW house, Jenelle bemoans taxes and not getting financial aid...


This may actually be the most SHOCKING—and laughable—Teen Mom confession yet! Jenelle Evans has claimed that she’s NOT making enough money! In a now-deleted Facebook post, Jenelle detailed her financial woes about her Teen Mom paycheck, taxes, and cost of living.

Jenelle wrote, “We financially struggle as well…everyone thinks our lives are full of money. We pay hundreds of thousands in taxes every year. We cannot get government assistance, if we go to school we pay in full and cannot get financial aid.”

The pregnant mom DOES have a college degree from Miller-Motte Technical College, which she apparently paid for without any financial aid from the government… But she hasn’t actually used it in the workplace because she can’t get a job! Medical assistants have to pass the state mandated test and Jenelle failed it and has yet to retake the exam.

So being a stay at home really is sucking the funds out of her wallet. Normally she would also be getting cash from paid endorsements and appearances, but since she and former manager Johnny Donovan no longer have a working relationship, she may not be able to rely on that source of money.

Jenelle also complained that she "can't get WIC, food stamps, and section 8." On top of all that Jenelle has really bad credit: "If your credit is bad like mine then you cannot finance even a car for your family and take more money to buy a car in full." While she’s been working at improving that credit, that task is made more impossible by her lack of a JOB. It’s a vicious cycle that nearly anyone can fall into. But it’s still a little ridiculous that someone who earns hundreds of thousands of dollars for being on reality TV is complaining about this! Maybe that’s why she decided to delete the post…

But fans already read Jenelle’s grievances about being “self employed” and are bashing her on Twitter. At least this stay-at-home mom will soon have a totally new house to live in! She and boyfriend David Eason have been building a new home and have already cleared the lot where the house will be built.

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