Jeremy Calvert's Fed Up! He Just Went On Social Media And Promised All His Fans That He's Going To Reveal The Truth About What Really Happens In His Life


He’s not the first Teen Mom star to call out MTV for bad editing! But now Jeremy Calvert is doing something about it! Read the full story now!


With a bonus clip comes bonus drama! On January 5, OK! released a clip they’d obtained from season 7B. In the short video, Leah is driving in the car with a girlfriend, and Addie in the backseat.

Adalynn, or Addie, is the daughter she shares with ex Jeremy Calvert. Leah casually tells her friend that Jeremy got engaged. However, she expresses that it didn’t seem like a big deal to Jeremy!

“I guess he got engaged on his vacation, I mean he was like, ‘Yeah, I got engaged.’ But then he was like, ‘I mean, it’s just engaged, it’s not that serious,’ like okay!” she told her friend, clearly perplexed about Jeremy’s flippant attitude.

“I was like, ‘That’s the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with and you know that, and that’s great.’ I just hope this is serious, for the sake of our child.”

Soon, Jeremy got wind of the bonus clip and began ranting about MTV’s unfair editing. This isn’t the first time MTV has been slammed by its stars for twisting words.

Jeremy took to Instagram to lay out his problem with MTV’s deception. “Large media corporations have a tendency to socially engineer viewers to instill an emotion on viewers which is most lucrative for their stakeholders, holding no regard for the impact they can have on my life, and the life of my family,” he wrote.

He then went on to say just how he was going to get back at MTV. “As a repercussion for deceitful editing, I will address each scene with what really happened. I appreciate all of your support over the years.”

Jeremy didn’t say exactly how he would be addressing each scene, but he did recently rejoin Twitter!

He told The Ashley that the clip does not truthfully show what happened when he told Leah he’d proposed to Brooke. “That’s complete BS and not what happened at all. They totally twisted the situation to make me look bad.”

“I was dropping off Addie after Brooke and I got engaged at the beach. MTV was there, and I figured I would tell Leah about the engagement when MTV wasn’t around. The producer just kept on bugging me to tell Leah about the engagement, because Leah didn’t know yet. I really didn’t want to do it on camera, but the producers kept bugging me to tell Leah so finally I did.”

I looked right at Leah and said, ‘Well, me and Brooke got engaged.’ And I looked back at the producer and said, ‘See? It wasn’t that big of a deal for you to make me tell her on camera.’ Kind of like, ‘You didn’t even get any good footage of [Leah freaking out about it].’ But they edited it to look like I said that my engagement is not a big deal.”

He also said that because of that clip, he got into some trouble with Brooke.

Now Jeremy is hoping that his fellow dads will band together to “do what I’m doing and set sh-- straight.”

Source: Teen Mom Fan Page

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