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Justin Bieber Gets BEAT DOWN In A Fight!


Justin Bieber can’t keep his hands to himself! The singer was involved in a physical fight on Wednesday and multiple people had to step in to stop it!


While the Cavs put the beat down on the Warriors on Wednesday night, Justin Bieber suffered his own beat down after the game! He attended Game 3 of the NBA Finals in Cleveland, but when he left, he was involved in a physical altercation!

A bystander caught the whole thing on Snapchat, and TMZ obtained the footage. Justin, wearing a crimson sweatshirt, can be seen grabbing a larger man dressed in a black tee. It looks like Justin grabs his collar, and the unknown man pushes Justin’s face. That’s when Justin goes in with the right hook and it all breaks loose!

It’s a hurricane of fists and elbows as the two scuffle, banging into standing bystanders and the doorway. Eventually the man dressed in black gains the upper hand and is looming over Justin, while MULTIPLE people pull him off.

We don’t know yet if Justin will retaliate in any other way, like slapping him with a lawsuit…

But we do know that Justin will NEVER hesitate, and his pretty face escaped the fight, just fine. He posted two pictures to Instagram, captioning the first, "Not a scratch on this pretty boy" and captioning the second, "No hesitation."

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Whoever he was, the man just knew the exact buttons to press to start a fight with the Biebs. Honestly, it doesn’t seem that hard since Bieber has attacked paparazzi and shoved rapper Desiigner who stepped on his SHOES. But now everyone knows that Biebs never backs down from a fight and he'll go in swinging!

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