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Justin Bieber Offered Movie Role Opposite Selena Gomez—IF He Does THIS


This could be Justin Bieber’s big break into acting--but only if he agrees to a steamy sex scene! Taking this role could even mean a reunion with Selena Gomez...so what’s holding him back? Get the story here!


We could be seeing a whole different side of the Biebs if he takes THIS movie role! Pete O’Neill, co-writer of the new movie Uber Girl, tells Page Six that Justin has indeed been offered a role in the movie, but the ball is now in his court!

Uber Girl is currently looking for a major studio to co-produce it, and is still finalizing the cast lineup. Justin Bieber has been offered the role of a young pop star in this millennial coming-of-age flick, but Justin has one MAJOR problem with it!

Pete O’Neill says, “He won’t take the part unless the sex scene with him and one of the male backup dancers is taken out of the final script.” Looks like Bieber is NOT down with getting down ‘n’ dirty with another man!

But if he passes up this major movie role, he’ll be missing the chance to work with Ariana Grande, Kiernan Shipka, and ex Selena Gomez, all of whom Pete hopes to cast in Uber Girl!

Although Justin is obviously comfortable stripping down as evidenced in his Calvin Klein campaign and social media posts, it’s looking like Justin may actually pass on this opportunity instead of insisting on a rewrite! Who will Pete’s runner-up be then?

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