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Sammi Giancola and Ronnie Ortiz-Margo from Jersey Shore Have Officially Split


This time is a little different, however. Apparently, the two split without their classic imploding fight. Click here to see what Ronnie has to say.


Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola and Ronnie Ortiz-Margo have, of course, split. Again.

This time is a little different, however. Apparently, the two split without a classic over-the-top fight we have come to know and love (don't lie).

They both agree it was mutual and amicable.

Apparently, the two broke up about two months ago, but have stayed fairly close. Whether or not they are “friends” is a different story.

Ortiz-Margo had some nice words to say about Giancola: “She's still a great person. I love her as a person and I care about her but we went our separate ways. That's it. At the end of the day, we went through a lot of stuff together. We have a lot of history so I keep her close."

They certainly do have a lot of history.

For almost the entire series of Jersey Shore, they have been fighting, hugging, loving, and hating each other. We have seen it all—we know there is definitely a ton of history (remember the infamous note from season two?).

That might be the problem, though. Since there is so much history, can they really just be friends (or whatever label they have chosen)?

Well, we will see how long this lasts.

What do you think of their latest breakup? Do you think, since it was amicable, they will stay broken up this time? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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