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SHOCKING! Leah Messer Refuses To Feed Daughters Breakfast Before School And Has Parenting Skills Criticized By...


Leah Messer displays some SHOCKING behavior during "Teen Mom 2" season premiere and gets called out by her daughters...Click here to keep reading!


Just days before she would lose full custody of her twin daughters, Leah Messer struggled to get the girls dressed and out the door for school on time.

In the season premiere of Teen Mom 2, Leah Messer had a chaotic morning that ended with her daughters in tears because she refused to make them breakfast.

“Since school starts at 7:15, it’s been really hard waking up early enough to get out of the door,” Messer said.

This was the reason she gave for not giving her young daughters breakfast—because they didn’t have enough time.

Understandably, her hungry daughters were unhappy that they would have to wait to eat until lunchtime at school. During the 45-minute drive to their elementary school, they begged their mom to stop at the store to get something to eat.

“But I want something,” Aleeah screamed. “I don’t trust you, take me back home. You’re always worrying about everything else except for going to pick us up and giving us lunch.”

Aleeah then compared her mother’s parenting skills to those of her dad and his wife.

“I’m cold and I don’t have nothing to eat,” she cried. “You never get us up for breakfast. Daddy and Miranda do!”

Yikes! Leah was not thrilled with that comment…

She snapped, “I’m not daddy and Miranda first of all! I’m not cooking breakfast when we already have to get up at 5 o’clock.”

After school, the fight continued...

When the girls got home from school, Messer’s daughter Gracie complained that there was nothing to drink.

“We don’t have anything to drink,” she yelled. “God, you don’t even have nothing. Dang it, mom!”

Despite her stint in rehab for stress and depression, it seems that Leah is still struggling to complete daily activities, such as getting her daughters off to school.

Just a few days after this episode was filmed in October, she lost full custody of her daughters for failing to get them to school on time.

The Teen Mom currently has 50/50 custody of the twins which she won in January.

Let’s hope Leah can get her act together (and feeds her daughters breakfast) as the season goes on!

Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 10/9c on MTV.

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