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The ONE Pot Pasta Recipe You Need



A few months back, the most popular past recipe that took the internet by storm was the “One Pot Pasta” recipe.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of variations to this super simple recipe but there will always be the traditional One Pot Pasta recipe… and we have it for you right here.

For this incredibly easy recipe, all you need is a pot, your favorite pasta, an onion, cherry tomatoes, garlic, black pepper, salt, red pepper flakes, water, and basil. Throw everything in a saute pan, and put on high heat. Stir constantly until the pasta is done; about 9 minutes.

Of course, add Parmesan cheese, drizzle on some olive oil, and sprinkle some fresh basil, salt, and pepper on top.

That’s it!

Sounds easy, right? And you thought you would have to slave away in the kitchen all day for a recipe like this.

Check out the recipe below:

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