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This Woman Has Been Practicing For Years To LIMBO Under A CAR [Video]


This 22-year-old woman has been practicing for years to finally limbo underneath a car. Watch her do it in this jaw-dropping video now!


If you thought you were pretty flexible, take a look at Shemika Charles, the 22-year-old world record holding limbo queen.

After breaking about a million world records, Shemika has actually managed to outdo herself this time—by limboing under a car.

Not a monster truck or a giant SUV—a perfectly normal car!

In the video below, just watch as Shemika’s bones and muscles magically disappear while she shimmies herself underneath a car.

"I'm just so emotional about getting underneath it," she told Barcroft TV after successfully making it under the car. "The clearance is around nine inches but certain parts are lower than others so it took a lot of concentration and controlled breathing. I want to do it again."

Just in case you thought she might be some kind of mutant made of Jell-O, Shemika has been practicing limbo since she was just 14-years-old.

These days, you can find her training for up to 6 hours every day to keep her body in tip-top shape.

"She really is amazing—like a freak of nature," said her chiropractor Dr. John Przybylak, who regularly realigns Shemika’s hips. "If a normal person was to get down so low they would have incredible problems with their hips and their back but Shemika is one of the fittest and muscularly toned people I have ever seen."

She may only be 22, but this limbo champion is already practicing to fulfill her lifelong dreams of having her own show in Vegas!

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Video Credit: Barcroft TV via YouTube.com

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