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Watch What This Dog Does When The Beat Drops. LOL!


Watch What This Dog Does When The Beat Drops!


For years, videos of cute and amazing pets have been all the rage online, like the one of a German shepherd dancing. If you have a pet, you can get in on the fun by grabbing a camera and filming all the funny things your pet does. Here are a few tips to help you capture the best videos.

Make sure that you minimize distractions. This means things that can distract your pet and your viewers. Don’t try to capture something in a crowded room where you can’t get a clear shot of your pet.

Keep your camera focused and still. A jiggling camera will chase viewers away. Nobody will watch a video that is going to make them nauseated. If you have to, use a tripod to hold your camera or brace your arm against something so you can keep the camera still.

Avoid talking or being too loud. Since you are right by the camera, you don’t want to be yelling or even laughing too loud or the noise you make will take over the video. This is especially important if what you are recording is something for the viewers to hear, like your cat that can say mama.

Capturing your pets doing funny or crazy things on video is not only fun for you, but people love to watch such videos online. Don’t forget once you get the perfect video to upload it and share it so everyone can enjoy it, just like they do the German shepherd dancing.

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Video Credit: Jaxson Rose via YouTube.com

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