His Friend Tries Squeezing His Pimple. Moments Later, His Friend Screams In Horror. The Reason Why? It Exploded All Over Him.


The number of pimple-popping videos on the Internet only seems to grow by the day. But this one will surely remain unique from all the rest because no other video ever shows a pimple squirting all over the videographer.


A video recently appeared on Streamable that will slowly but surely gain traction in the corner of the Internet that loves watching disgusting pimple-popping videos.

From people using thumbtacks to pierce open pimples to doctors pulling massive lumps of fat out from a patient’s body, the Internet is already plentifully populated with these horrifying videos.

But this new footage offers viewers an entirely new angle – because never before has a pimple exploded so badly that it sprays the videographer and their phone with the pus.

In the video, you can see a man standing shirtless, waiting for his friend to pop the massive, red pimple on his back.

The friend leans in, squeezing the pimple a couple times unsuccessfully. It takes a little bit more pressure for the pimple to finally explode – and for the poor friend filming to scream in horror and drop his phone onto the floor before tearing off.

A stream of pus exploded from the pimple when it finally popped, showering all over the poor guy and his phone.

“I’m done. I’m done,” he yells. “I’m not doing this anymore. … Look at the back of my phone, man.”

As viewers of this video, the entire incident is fairly humorous, but we can only imagine how disgusted the man must have felt.

You can watch the horrifying footage for yourself here. Be warned, there is graphic language.

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