The Entire Time This Man Gets His Cyst Popped, He Asks Bystanders How Disgusting It Looks


After suffering from a growing cyst on his back for the past 30 years, this man has finally been presented with the opportunity to get rid of it, for once and for all.


At this point, everyone on the Internet is familiar with Dr. Pimple Popper’s horrendous cyst removal videos. Others have tried to recreate her videos, but with little success.

This man from Kelowna, Canada, however, is finally giving Dr. Pimple Popper a run for her money with the footage of his friend removing a cyst from his back.

The man in question has chosen to remain anonymous, but he’s mentioned that he’s had this cyst growing on his back for the past 30 years. It’s only now, when the lump has grown to the size of a ping pong ball, that he’s decided to finally get it removed.

In the video, the man can initially be seen clenching his fists in pain as his friend begins to squeeze at the lump on his back. A cut has already been made across the top of the cyst, and soon enough, solid yellow goop begins to seep out.

Soon enough, all of the man’s friends – who have gathered to watch the incredibly disgusting event – are screaming in horror.

“It’s like cheese!” one woman comments.

The patient, meanwhile, desperately asks his friends to tell him what they see – because he can’t witness it for himself.

When the cyst has been completely gutted, the extractor scoops all of the yellowish pus onto a tissue and shows it to the man himself.

The man leaps back in horror and actually hits the camera out of his friend’s hand, which is when the clip ends, but we’ve already seen the horror and mess that came out of the cyst.

Although this man seemed to be successful in removing his cyst at home, without professional medical help, doctors do not advise anyone to conduct such a process by themselves.

You can watch the entire video here:

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