To This Woman's Horror, Her Husband Cooks And Eats Her Placenta


It’s long been assumed that a mother’s placenta is a fantastic source of iron – which is why this man decided to cook and eat his wife’s placenta a week after she gave birth to their daughter. You can watch his entire experience here.


For centuries, many people assumed that eating placenta would help replenish a mother’s strength and iron levels after birth. Even contemporary celebrity mothers have vouched for this practice.

Thankfully, new research conducted by medical anthropologists from the University of Nevada Las Vegas reveals that consuming the placenta (in placenta pills) did not benefit woman any more than did iron supplements.

One of the study co-authors does, however, acknowledge that the placenta might benefit people in other ways – just not in regards to iron levels.

With this context, this one new-father’s video of him eating his wife’s placenta is slightly horrifying.

He not only eats the placenta, but he saves it for a week in the family’s refrigerator, and then goes through the process of preparing it.

This bodybuilder cleans the placenta of the “slimy” bits, then cooks it on a grill press, before cutting into it. His friend, who films the video, asks what it tastes like.

Apparently, it’s a little bit salty and he overcooked that particular piece.

He’s all more cooking more – for the “gains” – but his wife can clearly be heard protesting in the background.

We’re not sure about you, but we’re likely to side with his wife on this one.

You can watch the original video here:

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