Watch The Hilarious Way This Man Handles Getting Two Wasp Stings On His Lip


After Jose Rivas got stung by two wasps over the weekend, he decided to make light of the situation by filming a video of himself rather than mope during the recovery process. You can watch the video for yourself.


When former Marine Jose Rivas of League City, Texas realized his car keys were missing, he decided to go outside in search of them. In the process of searching for his keys, Rivas disturbed a wasp nest in his yard.

Unfortunately, Rivas didn’t escape unscathed. He was stung once on his ear and twice on his upper lip.

The stings swelled to an incredible size, but Rivas managed to make the most of his misfortunes by playing up his swollen lip in a parody of a TV advertisement.

He joked that instead of spending hundreds of dollars on lip injection procedures, women could simply get stung by wasps for the same plump lip effect. It was easier and much faster than going through surgery.

Although Rivas got a kick out of his swollen lip, he did admit that the stings ruined his dinner plans; he’d originally planned on eating sushi and hibachi, but the stings made it impossible for him to eat any spicy foods.

Thankfully, the swelling began to diminish by the time he had to go to work the next day.

Rivas had always enjoyed playing up his sense of humor, but he had no idea that his video would go so viral. So far, his Facebook post has been viewed 11 million times and shared 100k times.

You can watch it for yourself here:

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