Woman Feels Defeated After An Excruciating Battle With Ovarian Cysts. Then Her Husband Does Something Beautiful


Read on to see how this husband’s amazing gesture helped a mother get through a challenging battle with ovarian cysts.


Everything started for Samantha Caracci when she began experiencing pain in her back, stomach, and legs. Initially, she thought it was from her workout regime, and that she had perhaps pulled a muscle at the gym. No matter how much she cut back though, the pain would not subside. After 6 months in agony, she decided to go to the doctor and see what was going on.

As it turned out, Samantha had cysts on her uterus and both her ovaries. She took to Facebook to document how the cysts had taken over her body and her life.

"Since having my youngest and last child my body has been a mess. I've been getting ovarian cysts every 2-3 weeks and doctors can't tell me why. I've tried so many different birth controls and nothing is slowing them down. I've had my left ovary, and both fallopian tubes removed. As well as my gallbladder that crapped out on me because of all the birth control I've tried." she wrote.

Unfortunately, things continued to get worse for Samantha. Just a week before posting the photo, she found out that she had an ovarian mass on her right ovary as well.

She went on to explain that she was supposed to have a date night with her husband, Rob, but because of her intense pain, she had to go to the ER.

“Rob and I were suppose to have a date night but I ended up in the ER in so much pain and spotting. They said the mass was still there and I really need to see a specialist. When we got home from the hospital I was crying and upset with my body. I felt like it was ugly, scarred, and completely broken, I felt like it has failed me.” she admitted.

Though Samantha was going through unimaginable pain and strife, she recognized in that moment just how grateful she was for her understanding and loving husband. Rob turned Samantha’s mood around with one amazing gesture.

“Rob said " Come here babe, let me take your picture so I can show you the things I think are beautiful about your body." We sat and he proceeded to tell me all the wonderful things about my body.” she recounted.

Samantha’s body has been through so much, but with her husband by her side, she felt stronger, braver, and more loved.
“Ladies that's the kind of man you deserve.” she wrote. “A man that will pick you up when you're down, comfort you no matter what, endlessly tell you how perfect you are.”

Samantha hopes that her post will bring awareness to the seriousness of ovarian cysts and help women feel less alone.

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