10-Year-Old Girl Inspired By Criss Angel Is Rushed To The Hospital After Her Magic Trick Goes Terribly Wrong


A 10-year-old girl in California had to be rushed to the hospital after she tried to recreate a Criss Angel trick that went terribly wrong. Read on for more details!


A 10-year-old girl in California had to be rushed to the hospital after she mistakenly swallowed a coin while attempting to perform a Criss Angel magic trick.

According to CBS 8, Morgan Renear was trying to duplicate a magic trick originally carried out by magician and illusionist Criss Angel when everything went wrong.

“I’m doing a magic trick and the challenge for you guys is to figure it out,” Morgan tells a camera that captured the ordeal. “I’m going to put the coin in my mouth. When I spit it out, it's going to be two coins. Ready?"

According to reports, when Angel performed the trick, he put the coin in his mouth right before it suddenly reappeared on his arm.

What Morgan’s video doesn’t show is that she had already put two coins in her mouth before the camera began rolling.

When she tilts her head back, one of the coins accidentally slips down her throat.

In the video, panic quickly spreads across the young girl’s face and she freezes immediately.

According to CBS 8, she then begins whispering to herself, “I’m gonna die.”

“I really thought I was gonna die,” Morgan later said.

Doctors later revealed that Morgan is beyond lucky that the coin did not block her wind pipe and cause her to choke.

“We got lucky that it didn’t go into one of her windpipes and end up stopping her from breathing,” said Morgan’s father, Daniel Renear.

Morgan was absolutely shocked that the trick didn’t go as planned, as she had already tried it several times before.

“It's probably like the fifth time I've done it but it's the first time anything has gone wrong,” Morgan said.

X-rays showed that the coin moved down into Morgan’s stomach before making its way into her intestines, where is remains now.

Doctors predicted that it would take about three day for the coin to pass through her system, but it has now been stuck in her intestines for 10 days now.

At this time, it still remains unclear what will be done if the coin does not pass naturally soon.

Morgan’s mother, Erica Renear, hopes her daughter’s story can help warn other parents not to let their kids try this particular trick.

As for Morgan, while she still plans on watching magic trick videos online, she has agreed not to try carrying them out for the time being, according to reports.

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