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20 Moms STRIP Down To Their Underwear For A 'Sexy' Calendar. Their Reason Why Might SAVE A Life!


After hearing that a young boy at school had been diagnosed with a rare brain tumor, 20 moms stripped down and created a sexy calendar to raise money for his family. Keep reading for more details!

A big group of moms stripped down to their underwear to create a jaw-dropping calendar, in hopes of raising money for a 7-year-old boy with a rare brain tumor.

When the moms at school heard that Jaxon Currie, from Blackwell, Carlisle, had been diagnosed with Hypothalamic Hamartoma—a rare brain tumor that causes seizures and developmental defects—they knew they had to do whatever they could to help his family.

That’s when 20 moms, who all have kids that go to school with Jaxon, got the idea to bare it all for a “sexy mom” calendar to raise money for the Currie family.


Each image from the calendar features the mothers stripped down to their underwear, going about their mundane daily chores, with gorgeous tourist spots around Carlisle in the background.

Mom Sally Pigg, for instance, can be seen hanging laundry outside on Askham Fell in the Lake District, wearing nothing but her underwear.


Jaxon’s mom, Jodie Currie, can also be seen in a few of the shots, including one in which she and a few other mothers are enjoying their afternoon tea on Sosgill Bridge in St Johns in the Vale.


“The timing of all this has been great - it has been a good distraction through a very difficult time. All the women feel the strength and energy from this and we have already achieved great things,” she told The Daily Mail. “It has turned people I knew into friends and it has brought the community together.”

Each of the photos features one of Jaxon’s favorite teddy bears to symbolize his presence throughout the calendar.

Jaxon, who has three older siblings between the ages of 11 and 16, was admitted to a local hospital last week, where he underwent brain surgery.

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