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3 Little Girls Are Adopted After Mom And Dad Never Even Bother To Name Them


Three girls in the UK have been placed for adoption after authorities learned that their parents had never actually given them names. Read on for more details!


Three young girls in the UK have been taken into protective custody after their parents failed to give them legal names.

While very few details have been released about the case, police reportedly began investigating the family because the parents had been putting at least one of their children in harm’s way.

In fact, social workers revealed there was evidence that the youngest child was at risk of "sexual and emotional" harm at home.

When the baby girl was initially registered, her parents had only given her last name—there is no first name on file.

According to The Mirror, social workers had finally given her a first name for "day-to-day" use.

Although Judge Sarah Lynch said the children’s lack of names was not taken into account for her ruling to have the children taken away from their parents, legal experts stressed that failing to give a child a proper name can be emotionally damaging.

"Every child needs a name," Justice Parker said during a similar case in 2014. "I truly think that it is emotionally harmful not to give a child a name."

According to The Mirror, in this case, the eldest girl has already been adopted by another family while her two younger sisters have since been placed for adoption.

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