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4-Year-Old Boy Poses For The Camera During Circumcision. In That Moment, Dad Watches As The Doctor Makes A Wrong Move


A Swiss doctor has been found not guilty of negligence three years after he cut off a 4-year-old boy’s penis during a botched circumcision. Read on for more details!


A surgeon who mistakenly cut off a 4-year-old boy’s penis while performing a routine circumcision has been acquitted of negligence, despite the fact that the child’s father took photos of the incident.

According to The Daily Mail, the Swiss doctor was carrying out the procedure on the little boy when the child suddenly turned toward his father.

In that moment, the doctor reportedly sliced through the little boy’s penis during the circumcision.

The doctor who carried out the procedure in July 2014 was then accused of causing serious bodily harm through negligence.

After a trial in Geneva, however, the 59-year-old doctor has reportedly been cleared of any wrongdoing in the case.

According to The Daily Mail, the doctor’s defense attorneys argued in court that their client could not have predicted the “unforeseeable act” of the boy turning to pose for photos for his father.

Authorities say the boy and his father, who are said to be Algerian refugees, have not been named.

After presenting photo evidence of the incident, the boy’s family was completely shocked that the Swiss doctor was not found guilty of negligence.

According to reports, the little boy’s penis was eventually reattached after the shocking incident, but he is still recovering three years later.

As Le Martin reports, the boy had problems urinating for months after the surgery, which caused him plenty of distress.

The boy’s mother also said her son’s penis shape is “satisfactory” but “a bit dented,” adding that he's suffered loss of “substance” in the glands.

According to The Daily Mail, the boy will now have to wait until he is 18 until he will be able have any further surgeries done to reattach his penis.

As the Tribune de Geneve reports, Prosecutor Judith Lévy Owczarczak claimed in court that the doctor wanted to cover up what he had done, and spent hours “running around Geneva trying to find a catheter” instead of taking the boy straight to the hospital.

The doctor’s defense attorney, Charles Joye, however, alleges that the doctor told the boy’s father to take him to the hospital.

After The Daily Mail shared this story online, many commenters argued that this incident is proof that circumcision should be illegal and considered mutilation.

Others, however, suggested that the little boy should have been sedated during the procedure to prevent him from moving around.

Still, many people commented that it was actually the father’s fault for taking photos of his son’s circumcision in the first place.

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