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4-Year-Old Girl Says She Wants A Boyfriend. Scottish Dad's Reaction? PERFECT!


Parents all over the world can totally relate to this Scottish dad’s reaction when his 4-year-old daughter said she wanted a boyfriend. Keep reading for the full story!


Who knew a simple wave could start such an intense conversation? But that’s exactly what happened when John Tierney’s 4-year-old daughter made the mistake of waving at a car full of boys!

The hilarious Scottish dad immediately had his comeback ready when his little girl, Grace, said she was thinking about getting a boyfriend.

In the 30-second clip below, Tierney tells Grace exactly what he’ll do if she ever comes home with a boyfriend:

Grace: “But what if I want to get a boyfriend?”

John: “I’ll break his legs…and guess what will happen after that?”

“See your boyfriend’s Daddy? Daddy will take him hostage and keep him in a cupboard.”

Grace: “No Listen. I want a boyfriend. I’m getting a boyfriend.”

John: “You’re not getting a boyfriend, you’re going to be a nun. You’re going to work for Jesus.”

Grace: “I’m not, I’m going to get a boyfriend.”

John: [Pulls out a crucifix necklace] “This is who you’re going to work for. End of story.”

Even though Tierney is obviously just messing around here, every parent can relate to this dad’s concerns about his little girl dating.

Since the video was shared by Scottish comedian Limmy earlier this week, it’s gone completely viral all over the world.

Check out this hilarious clip below now!

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Video Credit: What'd We Learn? 4 the People via YouTube.com

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