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5-Year-Old Passes Out Homemade Bags Of Goodies To Homeless Families


After a 5-year-old girl in Virginia saw a homeless mother and child begging on the streets, she decided she wanted she try her best to help. Read on for the full story!


After spotting a mother and child begging on the streets of Virginia, a 5-year-old girl decided she needed to help remind them of home.

Jayla Newson knew she wanted to help when she saw a homeless mom with her child near her home in Virginia Beach, so she asked her mother how to go about it.

"She was like, 'What can money buy?'" Jayla's mother told the TODAY show. "What can [we give] that could make it better?"

To lend a helping hand, Jayla thought it would be nice if she prepared little care packages to give to homeless families on the streets and in shelters to make them feel more at home.

These little bags of surprises, called Jayla’s Little Helping Hands, contain anything from toothpaste and soap to crackers and lotion.

For all her help in the local shelters in the area, Jayla is now one of five finalists in Sprout’s Kindest Kid contest.

Jennifer Sieracki, of the Seton Youth Shelters, said Jayla often comes in to pass out her adorable goodie bags, which immediately put smiles on everybody’s faces.

"Gifts like Jayla's provide them things they may miss because they're not at home," Sieracki told the TODAY show.

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