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A Song For Mom – If You Have A Boy, You Need To Listen To This. It’s Beautiful!


This is a mother’s song, and if you have a son you will love this video. Check it out!


Who was your son’s first best friend? The first person he ever met in this world?

The person he grew inside of for nine months? If you guessed yourself, his mother, then you’d be correct.

You fed him when he couldn’t feed himself, you held him when he couldn’t walk and you communicated with him before he learned to talk.

There aren’t a lot of people in this world that knew your son when he was in diapers and again when he was wearing his prom tuxedo, but you did. This is a mother's song, and if you have a son you will love this video.

From tying shoe laces to wiping off dirty faces, mothers do it all.

They teach their sons how to be good men, responsible men, men that will treat everyone with dignity and respect.

Mothers also teach their sons about love and how to care for another person. No matter who their partner is, a mother teaches her son how to be respectful.

On her son’s wedding day, a mother allows her son to exit her family and enter into a new one all his own.

A mother giving away her son is a ceremonial ritual as he crosses the threshold from a boyhood into manhood.

It’s an ancient rite, passed down from generation to generation like genes, or blue eyes or red hair.

The times you shared with your son will last forever.

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Video Credit: tcartermusic via YouTube

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