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Adults Try To Sit In Hot Cars For 10 Minutes To Win $100. Now They See What It's Like For Kids [Video]


The organization Kars4Kids asked adults to sit in hot cars for 10 minutes to show what it feels like for kids who are left inside. See how the adults react in this powerful video now!


Around this time of year, we tend to see a staggering number of children left unattended in hot cars for too long.

Often, these devastating stories end in tragedy, even if the child hasn’t been left in the car for very long at all.

The best way to educate parents on the subject of leaving young children in hot cars is to really show them the impact it has on kids.

That’s why Kars4Kids decided to try out a powerful experiment to show parents just how hot it gets inside a locked car in the summer.

The organization offered $100 to adults who wanted to compete in the “Hot Car Challenge”—meaning they had to stay inside for 10 minutes or longer.

As seen in the eye-opening video below, not one single person lasted for 10 minutes. They all asked to get out before the time was up.

One participant said, "It seems fine at first, but once that door closed, almost immediately, it becomes really hot and the air flow becomes oppressive."

If this is how adults feel locked inside a hot car, just imagine what the experience must be like for babies and small children.

Now, many parents do leave their children in the car thinking it’s no big deal, but others simply just forget.

Morris Franco from Kars4Kids explains, "There have been many tragedies of this kind that were a result of very loving and responsible parents forgetting their child [in the car]."

To prevent more tragedies from happening this summer, Franco offers a few easy ways to help:

  1. Place a personal item that you would never leave behind in the back seat, like your keys, cell phone, or even one of your shoes.
  2. Keep a stuffed animal in the passenger seat to remind you that your child is still in the car.
  3. If you take your child to day care, ask the provider to alert you each time your child does not show up for the day.

To learn more, check out the video below now!

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Video Credit: 877kars4kids via YouTube.com

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