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After 9 Long Months, This Couple Finally Reveals Their 'Best Kept Secret Ever!' [Video]


A couple in Florida decided to shock their friends and family during their big gender reveal when their baby finally arrived. See their big secret revealed in this video now!


When Amy and Korey Rademacher found out they were expecting, they decided to take their gender reveal party to the next level—by having a surprise baby reveal instead!

As family and friends arrived at West Florida Hospital to meet the new baby, they were excited to see if the Rademacher family’s new addition would be a boy or a girl.

Since the couple had kept their baby’s gender a secret throughout the pregnancy, their friends were anxiously waiting to see how many of them had the right guess.

But they were in for the shock of a lifetime when they finally realized they were all wrong!

Surprise! It’s twin girls!

In the end, the Rademachers admitted that they knew they were expecting twins all along, but kept the news a secret in hopes of capturing their loved ones’ reactions on camera.

Watch as each visitor has their own priceless reaction to meeting the twins for the very first time!

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Video Credit: Korey Rademacher via YouTube.com

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