After A Chaotic Year, Mackenzie Standifer Releases A Chilling Post On Instagram That Has Fans Thinking She's Leaving 'Teen Mom' For Good


After a year of turmoil, Mackenzie Standifer may finally be ready to hang up the towel on her time on "Teen Mom OG." Keep reading for more details!


It’s been a bittersweet year for Mackenzie Standifer, who walked down the aisle and watched her husband leave for rehab practically in the same day.

After a year of turmoil, Mackenzie may finally be done with reality TV, and sources say she’s ready to hang up the towel with her role on Teen Mom OG.

As fans may recall, Mackenzie was forced to deal with Ryan Edwards’ drug addiction right up until their wedding day.

One of the most heartbreaking scenes from the entire show features Mackenzie and Ryan literally driving to their wedding while Ryan is very clearly high on drugs.

In the scene, Ryan is so high behind the wheel that he can’t even stay awake—a terrifying sight for anybody watching the show.

At one point during the ride, Mackenzie actually has to take the wheel away from Ryan because he can’t stop running them off the road.

It was later revealed that Ryan was suspected to be high on prescription painkillers on the couple’s wedding day, though Mackenzie thought her husband might have taken too many Ativan pills.

Almost immediately after the ceremony, Ryan was taken to rehab, and he is now said to be sober.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, the incident completely destroyed Mackenzie’s reputation, with many fans accusing her of putting innocent lives in danger by letting Ryan drive high.

Although she initially fought back against the allegations, Mackenzie eventually went silent on social media.

Then, earlier this afternoon, Mackenzie shared an image on Instagram that read: “I Quit.”

Many have taken that to mean Mackenzie quite the show, but she has yet to reveal the real meaning behind her post.

“The show? If so sad to see you go,” one fan commented, according to Radar Online.

“Hope it’s not TMOG!” wrote another.

At this time on Thursday, Mackenzie has yet to delete the foreboding post, but she has deleted and turned off all the comments.

Her photo has no caption, leading many to wonder if this might be her last post on social media ever.

In the last few weeks, Mackenzie has gone back and forth between lashing out at her fans and begging them to stop judging her and Ryan.

“Here’s a thought… maybe instead of making assumptions and tearing people down, you could spend that time praying for us instead,” she wrote on Twitter a few weeks before going silent.

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