After A Long Night Out, This Mom Was Hungover While In Labor With Her Baby


A new mom in the UK has confessed to being hungover after a night of binge-drinking while in labor with her daughter. Keep reading to learn more!


A new mom in the UK has opened up about why she was hungover while in labor with her newborn daughter.

According to The Sun, 24-year-old Abigail Avery, from Wolverhampton, West Midlands, had no idea she was even pregnant when she went into labor with her daughter four months ago.

While baby Isabella was born happy and healthy, her mom admits that she had just been out binge-drinking before giving birth.

Because she was still getting regular periods while taking the birth control pill, Avery never once suspected that she could be pregnant.

“I was really shocked,” she said. “I definitely wouldn’t have drunk if I’d known I was pregnant. I felt really guilty.”

After a long night of drinking with her friends, Avery suddenly began to feel intense stomach pains while the group was stopping for some late-night pizza.

When she returned home, Avery reportedly told her boyfriend of four years, 37-year-old Jamie Pillinger, that she thought she had a urinary tract infection.

It wasn’t until the pain began to intensify that Avery finally realized something was seriously wrong.

During the car ride to the hospital, Avery revealed that she was in so much pain that she felt like her “organs were exploding.”

Still, Avery never once thought she could be pregnant or in labor.

“The thought never even crossed my mind,” Avery said. “I didn’t watch One Born Every Minute, I didn’t know anything about babies.”

“I was only 23 at the time – babies were the furthest thing from my mind,” she added.

A nurse soon revealed that Avery was pregnant, and it was quickly discovered that she was much further along than even the doctors at the hospital thought.

Looking back, Avery says she does remember feeling some shooting pains in her belly, as well as weight gain, but her doctor put it down to a bladder infection and the rich foods she had been eating throughout the holiday season.

While in the hospital, Avery said the nurses called her particular case “interesting.”

“I said, ‘well I’m glad it’s interesting for you,’” she recalled. “There were around 15 doctors and nurses there, probably because I was hungover in labour, and they were worried about me.”

Despite the shock of everything, Avery and her boyfriend are both thrilled to have their baby girl at home.

“I’m a bit sad I didn’t get a scan or baby shower, but I wouldn’t change Isabella for the world,” she said.

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