After Silent Labor, Worried Mom Wants To See Her Newborn. But That's When Doctors Grab Her Baby And Run To The Other Side Of The Room With A Bag.


After her silent labor, the most unexpected thing happened. Read on for more!


A premature baby boy was miraculously kept alive thanks to a small sandwich bag, after his mother went into “silent labor” while shopping.

32-year-old Jennifer Derwent had been out shopping with her husband, Jonathan, 38, when she felt a slight stomach pain.

Although Jennifer didn’t think much of the ache, Jonathan just had a gut feeling that they needed to get to the hospital right away.

As it turns out, Jonathan was right to worry. The moment they arrived at the hospital, Jennifer’s doctor revealed that she was already in labor.

Isaac Derwent was delivered at 30 weeks, weighing just 3 pounds and 11 ounces, meaning he had to stay in a special care unit for about five weeks.

silent-laborPhoto Credit: Daily Mail

Because Isaac’s body temperature was so low at birth, doctors decided to warm him up using a simple plastic sandwich bag.

“Straight after being born Isaac was put into a plastic bag and the doctors said the idea behind that was to regulate his body temperature,” Jennifer said, The Daily Mail reported.

“It was quite shocking to give birth and then for the first thing to happen is they put your baby in a sandwich bag.”

Thanks to the hospital’s efforts, Isaac is now a healthy growing baby, and his parents hope to raise enough money to thank the staff for their amazing care.

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