After Suffering A Seizure, Woman Is Discharged From The Hospital. Then She Disappears From The Lobby. Now Mom Thinks She Is A Human Trafficking Victim


A mom in upstate New York is begging the public for help after her 22-year-old daughter disappeared from a hospital lobby back in January. Keep reading for the full story!


A mom from upstate New York is absolutely terrified that her daughter may have been a victim of human trafficking after she disappeared from Miami.

Nobody has heard from 22-year-old Alexis Say for several weeks. She has no money, no ID, and no cell phone; all she has are the clothes on her back.

"The visions that come into my head are horrifying," mom Jennifer told 11Alive’s Chris Hopper via Skype.

Alexis and her mother once called Peachtree City, Georgia home. But Alexis moved to Miami in October, while Jennifer relocated to upstate New York.

Jennifer says her daughter is extremely outgoing and loves meeting new people, but she is often friendly to a fault.

“Alexis is a very…loving and wonderful person and she trusts an awful lot of people that maybe she should be a little bit more skeptical of," Jennifer tells 11Alive.

Jennifer admits that Alexis eventually fell into the wrong crowd and ended up with a short-lived heroin addiction.

Just a few weeks in, however, Alexis checked herself into a rehab center to kick her bad habit to the curb as soon as possible.

"She admitted to it and said that she couldn't stand it,” Jennifer says. “(She) didn't want to do it anymore so we got her into rehab right away, and that's what she did."

It was while being treated at a facility that Alexis suddenly suffered a seizure and had to be admitted to a hospital in northern Miami.

After being treated for the seizure, Alexis was discharged from the hospital on January 23.

While she was waiting for a ride in the lobby of the North Shore Medical Center, Alexis vanished into thin air.

Nobody has seen or heard from Alexis since the day she went missing, and her mother is beginning to fear the worst.

According to 11Alive, both Miami police and the human trafficking task force are now involved in investigating Alexis’ disappearance.

Atlanta authorities say Alexis could possibly be a victim of human trafficking, but they cannot explain why they think that is a possibility.

For now, investigators hope they’ll receive a tip that will break the case.

“Just keep sharing,” Jennifer is asking the public. “Keep sharing her pictures, keep sharing the flyer, join our Facebook page for her and share that with people…She's amazing, she's absolutely amazing and let's bring her home soon so everybody else can see that."

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