After The Duggar Family Is Criticized For Not Helping Hurricane Harvey Victims, Jeremy Vuolo Reveals His Plans


Read on to see what Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar have planned for helping out the victims of Hurricane Harvey.


Though they live in Texas, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are not amongst the tens of thousands whose lives have been turned upside down by Hurricane Harvey. Since their Texas home is thousands of miles away from the devastating damage of the hurricane, the Counting On couple has taken to social media to not only let their fans know that they’re alright, but that they’re helping those in need as well.

Jinger has been relatively quiet on social media, at least in terms of the hurricane, but Jeremy has been providing updates for inquiring minds.

When asked on Twitter if he and his wife are doing ok, Jeremy responded: “We are. Laredo wasn’t affected. We’ve housed some refugees, though, and are planning a trip North next week. Thanks for checking in!”

Jeremy didn’t provide further details on exactly what he and Jinger would be doing up north, but he has retweeted posts from a Christian nonprofit known as Thirsty Ground, which provides disaster relief all over the world. It’s very possible that Jeremy and Jinger will be volunteering with this group to help aid those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Currently, Thirsty Ground is working on “forming a small team to leave soon and help a community in Katy, TX with recovery and rebuilding.”

While Jeremy and Jinger were safe from the flooding, Jeremy shared that a few of their friends were not so fortunate. His friends had to flee Corpus Christi and were seeking shelter in Laredo. It’s possible these were the people living in the Vuolo house, as Jeremy and Jinger have a 4 bedroom home.

“We are safe here in Laredo & many of our friends from Corpus Christi have evacuated here for the weekend. Praying for those further north.” Jeremy wrote on Twitter.

Jeremy’s tweets come after a string of backlash surrounding the Duggar family for not doing more to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Fans have been criticizing the reality show family for not heading to Texas and providing aide, as the Duggars nearby in Arkansas, and own multiple planes which could be used to easily fly to Houston. Jeremy is the only extended member of the Duggar family who has shared any plans to help.

The couple won’t be heading to Houston until next week, so we’ll have to stay tuned to see what they’re planning on doing to help out. Only time will tell if the rest of the Duggar clan plans on stepping in and offering some form of aid as well.

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