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Angry Surrogate Mom Shows Up AT Judge's House After Her Court Ruling...


A former surrogate mom in the UK stalked a judge who ruled against her in a child custody case. Keep reading to learn more!


A judge in the UK feared for her life after she was stalked by a surrogate mom she ruled against in a recent child custody case.

According to The Daily Mail, 54-year-old Sarah Singleton, a judge in London, was confronted by 41-year-old Lian Harris, a surrogate mother who had appeared in her courtroom months earlier, outside her own home.

Authorities say Harris travelled more than 60 miles to Singleton’s home, determined to give her a scathing handwritten note after tracking down her address.

On Facebook, Harris—who had lost custody of a child she was carrying for another couple—posted Singleton’s home address, along with a banner that read: “Courts corrupt to the core – complicit with child abuse.”

“I feel concerned that the posts were left in the public domain for so long and that it has exposed me to other people who intend to harass and molest me – or worse,” Judge Singleton, a mother of two, later wrote in a statement about the chilling incident.

Harris, a staunch campaigner for family life reform, has since been banned for life from contacting the judge under a restraining order after admitting harassment at Manchester Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday.

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