Baby Girl Is Left For Dead In A Nearby Trash Can. Late At Night, Strangers Hear Her Cries For Help


After hearing tiny cries from the inside of a trash can, a few villagers decided to investigate. Read on to see what happened next.


It’s hard to imagine why anyone would abandon an innocent baby. Terrible things happen all the time, but luckily, one little baby who was abandoned just hours after her birth got a second chance at life.

The tiny girl had been wrapped up in blankets, stuffed in a rucksack, and left alone to tie in a trash bin. Thankfully, residents in the village of Chiang Mai, Thailand, where the baby was abandoned, heard her small cries coming from inside the trash can.

"Villagers found the baby at 8pm on Soi Sukkasem Road in the Muang District,” said the deputy investigative chief. "They opened the bags and found the baby still alive. She urgently needed help.”

Thankfully, the villagers who found the newborn called the authorities right away, and she was transported to the nearest hospital to be cared for.

"When the authorities arrived the girl was still warm and urgently needed oxygen. She was covered with blankets and was zipped inside a backpack,” the deputy continued. "She was left in a pile of rubbish and would have died if nobody had found her.”

Police believe that the infant was born on Sunday morning, making her just 12 hours old when she was found. Currently, officer are tracing the CCTV in the area in the hopes of finding the mother. If they can find whoever dumped the baby girl in the trash bin, they will certainly face prosecution.

"The girl was hurried to the Lanna Hospital, the nearest to the scene, and given urgent medical help. We are checking CCTV surveillance cameras in the area to find the mother and prosecute whoever did this heartless act." the deputy investigative chief reported.

Since the news of the baby girl’s story broke, tons of people have come to give their best wishes to the baby girl, and many families are interested in adopting her.

"The baby girl is healthy and she is in a good condition. She will be transferred to an orphanage where the adoption process will begin,” said Jiralak Jankrajai, from the Lanna Hospital. "A lot of people have called and visited the hospital who would like to adopt her. She will grow up and have a good life. People want to give her a dream life. It is important that she is taken in by the right family."

After receiving medical care, the baby girl will be taken to Vieng Ping orphanage, where she will reside until the proper family is chosen.

Though this baby girl’s life started out with a senseless act, she now has a second chance at life, and will soon be home with a family who loves and cares for her. Thank goodness the villagers heard her cries for help, otherwise this adorable baby may not be alive today.

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