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Baby Makes A 'Sign' With Her Hands After Eating Her Sandwich. Mom Instantly Knows Something's Wrong...


A mom in the UK claims that teaching her daughter sign language saved the baby girl when she had a severe allergic reaction to almond butter. Read on for more details!


A 1-year-old baby in the UK used sign language to alert her mom to her severe allergic reaction to almond butter.

Georgia Knibbs had only taken two bites of an almond butter sandwich when she started feeling unwell.

Although Georgia’s mother, Sandy, could tell something was wrong, she had no idea what was going on until her baby girl began shaking her hands.

“I had been eating the sandwich and Georgia had asked me for some,” said Sandy, 35, according to The Mirror. “I gave her a bit and she went off to play and eat the sandwich.”

The mother-daughter duo had been taking “Tiny Talk” classes since Georgia was just 5-months-old, so they could learn how to communicate through sign language.

"The next thing she had come back to me signing the hurt sign, which is a shaking of the hand as if you’ve touched something that is hot,” Sandy said. “I could see her lips had started to blister and she had blisters and hives on her hand where she had been holding the sandwich.”

After rushing Georgia to the hospital, Sandy learned that her baby girl had a severe nut allergy, in addition to being allergic to dairy and gluten.

Georgia is now 2-and-a-half-years-old and her mom wholeheartedly believes she wouldn’t be here today had they not taken the “Tiny Talk” classes.

"Signing really does empower babies," Sandy said.

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