Baby Roloff Is Finally Here, But A Family Feud May Be Overshadowing Her Late Arrival


More than one week after she was due, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff’s baby girl has finally arrived. Keep reading for more details!


After months of waiting, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff have finally welcomed their baby girl, who certainly arrived fashionably late.

According to In Touch Weekly, the stars of Little People, Big World finally got the chance to meet their new addition on September 10, more than one full week after she was due.

"My granddaughter decided she made us wait long enough. She was born today. Can't wait to meet her. So happy and excited for Jer and Auj," grandmother Amy Roloff reportedly wrote in a post, which has since been deleted.

The last few months have been extremely busy for Audrey and Jeremy, who made the tough decision to move back to Portland right before their daughter’s birth.

“Ultimately, Jeremy lead us in the decision to move back to Portland to be closer to our families and the farm with baby girl on the way — eliminating the copious amounts of back and forth we’ve been doing over the past two years… Moving is always hard. Not just physically, but emotionally — and not just because I’m pregnant. I have a tough time leaving places that hold so many sweet memories. I think Bend will always feel like home to us,” Audrey revealed in a post to fans after making the move during her last month of pregnancy.

As of Monday morning, Jeremy and Audrey themselves have not released any news regarding Baby Girl Roloff’s birth, so her name is still being kept secret for the time being.

Fans had been growing very concerned for the baby girl’s health and safety after Audrey went several days without posting any updates regarding her pregnancy.

Audrey put the rumors to rest on Friday, however, when she announced that she and her husband were still waiting to meet the baby girl.

"We are still waiting on our little girl to come join us in this world," Audrey wrote, along with a photo of an adorable onesie. "Every day I get more and more excited to meet her, hold her, stare at her, pray over her, and of course dress her in these cute @shopalwaysmore onesies;)”

"It's such a crazy thing to wake up every day thinking... "Today could be the day I experience the most pain of my life... followed by one of the most joyous moments of my life. Or, today could be another day of waiting," she continued.

Baby Girl Roloff will be Amy and Matt Roloff’s second grandchild after the couple’s son Zach and his wife, Tori, welcomed their son, Jackson, earlier this year.

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