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Barely 4% Of Cancer Research Funds Help Children. Let's All Join This Mom's Fight To Change That Number.


After losing her 1-year-old son to leukemia, one mom is on a mission to spread awareness about childhood cancer during September’s National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Read on for the full story!


In 2014, Alissa Silva lost the light of her life to childhood cancer, but his memory lives on in her fight to prevent any more families from going through the same nightmare hers did.

After fighting hard for seven long months, Silva’s 1-year-old son Mason lost his battle to leukemia.

It was then that the heartbroken mother knew she had to make sure nobody ever forgot Mason’s story and why it’s so important today.

In honor of September’s National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Silva created a deeply moving video to tell her son’s story through notecards.

As Rachel Platten's "Fight Song" plays in the background, Silva tells her family’s painful story, as well as some shocking facts about childhood cancer in the U.S.

"Hi, my name is Alissa and I am the mother of two children," reads the first card.

Silva then holds up a picture of Mason and another of her daughter, Alexis Mayse.

The next card reads: "I will never have a picture of them together because they've never met ... Because Mason lives in heaven now along with half of my heart."

As Silva continues, we learn some jaw-dropping facts about pediatric cancer and why Mason’s story isn’t as rare as we would like to believe.

Of the total federal funding for cancer research, "only 4 percent of federal government funding goes to our kids," Silva reveals in the video.

We are the only ones who can change that number by telling Mason’s story, spreading awareness about childhood cancer, and donating to cancer charities, like the St. Baldrick's Foundation.

As for Silva, this video isn’t the end of her fight. "I promised Mason that I would bring as much awareness to this as I could," her notecards conclude. "This is 'My Fight Song' and I will continue to fight until our kids get the funding they deserve."

See the powerful video for yourself below now:

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