Boy Can't Seem To Wake Up Mom And Dad For School. Then He Notices The 'Black Lines' On Dad's Face


A Spirit Airlines pilot and his wife were found dead from apparent overdoses by their own children earlier this week. Keep reading for more details!


A Spirit Airlines pilot and his wife were reportedly found dead of apparent overdoses by their children earlier this week.

According to NBC News, 36-year-old Pilot Brian Halye and his wife, Courtney, 34, were discovered in their bedroom in their Centerville, Ohio home when their children tried to wake them up for school.

The couple’s children can reportedly be heard crying hysterically in a 911 call made after they found their parents’ bodies in their home.

"They were very cold," the couple’s son told a dispatcher while his three sisters were heard crying in the background, according to NBC News.

The boy added that his parents were not breathing and were completely lifeless when he and his sisters went to go check on them in the morning.

One of his sisters also said that her father was "pale and there was black lines all over his face."

Spirit Airlines confirmed Halye’s employment on Friday, adding that his last flight was about a week ago, on March 10.

"Captain Halye served at the airline for just over nine years," Spirit Airlines said in a statement, noting that all employees are subjected to random drug and alcohol testing.

The airlines said that anybody who tests positive is immediately fired.

While police are still investigating the circumstances surrounding the couple’s deaths, they say the deaths do appear to be drug-related overdoses.

In about four to six weeks, investigators will finally have the toxicology reports, which will give them better answers.

Centerville police have also revealed that narcotics paraphernalia was found at the scene.

Courtney Halye’s mother, Nancy Casey, has since revealed that her daughter suffered from type 1 diabetes and depression. She said the devoted mom was on medication.

Casey does not, however, believe the couple had a persistent drug problem, which is why their sudden deaths were so shocking.

Casey described her beloved daughter as "a light in the room."

"I don't know if they decided they were going to party, or went and they got a hold of this bad stuff going around town," she said, adding that she does not think her daughter was a drug addict.

According to NBC News, Casey does admit that she got a bad feeling when she talked to her daughter and son-in-law earlier that day.

"I had this dreadful feeling all day," Casey said. "Something was off with her and something was off with him."

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