Boy Finds Money On The Ground At A Gas Station, Then Notices Something Strange When He Looks Closer


Read on to find out how a normal day at the gas station turned into a heroic act by a 7-year-old boy!


What would you do if you stumbled upon a bag filled with cash? While most of us would quickly say, “turn it in”, there are definitely those out there who would want to keep the free money for themselves. After all, finding a bag filled with money is much different than finding a dollar bill on the street. What if you were only 7 years old? It’s easier to assume that an adult will always do the right thing, but would you act differently if you were a child who may not know better?

Griffin Steele could have been considered an extremely lucky kid when he came across a big bag of cash at a gas station in Myrtle Beach with his dad. But instead of jumping for joy over his newfound riches, the 7-year-old alerted the police, and is now being called a hero.

While his dad was filling up the air in his tired, Griffin decided to go into the store and grab something to drink. On his way inside, he noticed a 20 dollar bill. Upon closer inspection of the money, the boy saw that the money had red dye on it. He showed it to his father, who thought the red dye seemed “odd”.

Griffin then went to throw the plastic top off his drink away in the garbage bin. When he did, he noticed a whole bag of money inside! Most of the bills buried in the trash had red dye on them as well. He quickly alerted his dad, and they decided to call the police.

It turns out, the money was from a bank robbery that had just taken place just an hour earlier. Police are now looking for the suspect, 35-year-old Brian Humphries, Jr.

Griffin says that not all of the bills had the tell-tale red dye on them, but he didn’t take any because he wanted to “do the right thing”.

It’s hard to imagine a 7-year-old boy not being tempted by all that cold hard cash, but Griffin’s parents have definitely taught him well. They use the incident to show their son the value of working hard and earning your own money. Griffin gets $15 a week if he does perfectly on his spelling test, so he knows what it’s like to work for each dollar!

Needless to say, Griffin’s actions at the gas station that day were certainly heroic. Maybe he’ll be a detective when he grows up!

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