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Boy With Autism Performs 'Let It Go' For Talent Show. When He Forgets The Words, Something AMAZING Happens!


A 13-year-old Massachusetts boy with autism gave the perfect rendition of "Let It Go" from Disney’s "Frozen" when he took the stage for a middle school talent show. Keep reading for the full story!


A 13-year-old boy with autism in Massachusetts absolutely nailed his talent show performance, thanks to his loyal fans in the crowd.

When Jagger Lavely took the stage dressed as Olaf from Disney’s Frozen to perform “Let It Go” at Oak Middle School, he’d already memorized all the words to the hit song.

But, as many of us already know, you can have everything planned perfectly and still stumble a bit when it actually comes time to perform in front of a huge audience.

So, when Jagger started forgetting some of the words to “Let It Go” near the end, the entire audience stepped in to help him finish the song.

“He was so excited that everybody did that for him,” Stacey Lavely, Jagger's mother, told ABC News. “The kids rallied around him. They showed him that he is not disabled but he is just differently able-ed.”

“He loves music. Frozen is his favorite,” she added. “I just feel so blessed to live here in Shrewsbury, and for the way the kids and the community supported him.”

In fact, the audience’s support gave Jagger such a confidence boost that he’s now practicing the “Star-Spangled Banner” to sing at an upcoming fundraiser for autism.

Check out Jagger’s incredible rendition of “Let It Go” in the video below now!

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Video Credit: MassLive via YouTube.com

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