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Bully Changes His Ways By Starting Anti-Bullying Club [Video]


A young bully created a video to show others how he’s changed his ways by starting an anti-bullying club. Watch the video now!


A young bully decided to change his ways after he realized how his hurtful words were impacting other kids.

Cameron Thompson, a California second-grader, made a video to confess his actions and show people that bullies can change and be forgiven.

"I struggle to make good choices at times," Cameron admits, saying he has both ADHD and ODD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and oppositional defiance disorder). "Recently I made the wrong choice."

In the video, the boy says that his mother has always told him that he’s a natural leader, who can easily make friends and speak his mind.

Not long ago, another boy brought a Barbie doll to school, so Cameron gathered his friends to go make fun of the boy together.

Cameron says that when his mom found out what he had done, she got mad and asked him how he would feel if someone made fun of him for being different.

"He asked me why he still felt bad (a couple months later) and I explained shame to him," Cameron's mother, Jessica Southard, told Banning-Beaumont Patch. "He then told me he knew how he could make it better. He asked me if he could start an anti-bully club at school."

Cameron’s first decision in starting the club was to ask the boy he had bullied to help him run it—now the boys are good friends.

More than 75 kids turned up for the group's first meeting at Tournament Hills Elementary School in Beaumont, California.

"We may be different, but now I know that's a good thing," Cameron says in the video. "We can bring our differences together to help other kids learn about bullying."

Watch Cameron’s “Confessions of a Bully” now!

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Video Credit: Cameron Thompson via YouTube.com

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