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California Mom Gives Birth To Extremely Rare Biracial Twins


A pair of twins in California look so different that strangers often ask their mother if her babies have different fathers. Keep reading for the full story!


Having a set of twins that look like they were born with completely different ethnicities is pretty rare, but one pair in California is proving all the doubters wrong.

Twins Viviana and Dennis Ng, from Lincoln, were born to very racially different parents: their mother is Irish and Hispanic, while their dad is African-American, Chinese, and Hawaiian.

Mom Ashley Ng told KXTV her twins look so different that people often ask her if they even have the same father or wonder if they were “naturally” conceived.

The twins are fraternal, meaning they do come from separate fertilized eggs, but aside from the fact that they’re twins, they don’t even look like they could be related.

Viviana is the spitting image of her mother, with light brown hair, pale skin, and bright blue eyes. Dennis, on the other hand, has all dark features just like his predominantly African-American father, Kenika Ng.

Doctors were shocked by how different the twins looked when they were born, but they assured it was very possible—especially since they come from biracial parents.

Their mother hopes the twins will grow up to appreciate the many different racial backgrounds they come from.

"Usually when people are interracial, they feel as if they have to identify with one or the other and I'd like them to embrace it even though they look completely different. So hopefully that will encourage them to do that as they get older," she told KXTV.

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